Located about 50 km. southeast of Bourgas, Primorsko combines many benefits for a fruitful and unforgettable holiday.

The unique beaches, the favorable climate and the various attractions are just some of the things that make it worth visiting Primorsko and the region.

Primorsko is a Bulgarian seaside resort and an important tourist and economic center of the Southern Black Sea coast. It is situated in a crescent-shaped bay, dotted with the cleanest, longest and largest beaches and dunes on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.

Conditions for different types of tourism are offered - not only recreational but also cultural, rural, fishing, hunting, sports, ecotourism and more.

The annual Ultra Cross Triathlon "Lionheart" gathers more and more

sports fans as participants or spectators. 3 km. swimming in the bay at Perla Beach, 116 km. mountain biking in the Strandja forests and 21 km. Running in the Ropotamo Reserve - a guarantee for a unique experience.

You can find some of the most beautiful and picturesque beaches on the whole Black Sea coast here. Long, spacious stripes stretching from both the north and south of the peninsula. Fine, golden, soft sand that gives a unique feeling of moving barefoot on it.

The north beach is located 200 meters from the city center and reaches all the way to the former Perla residence and Perla beach, which is a natural extension of the northern beach of Primorsko. The south on the other side reaches all the way to Kiten. The coastline of Primorsko extends almost 10 km.

By the size of the beaches, related to the total area of the territory, the municipality of Primorsko is the best indicator compared to the other coastal municipalities in Bulgaria.

Landmarks near Primorsko

Every year the town of Primorsko is visited by hundreds of thousands of foreign and Bulgarian tourists.

The town is a preferred destination because of its favorable climate, beautiful nature, unique beaches, historical and cultural monuments in its territory.

The hospitable local population and last but not least the various attractions offered to the tourists, which make it suitable for both a peaceful family vacation and an intense holiday with many parties and emotions. Highly developed tourism and construction.

The infrastructure of Primorsko is well-designed, there are regular buses to the neighboring resorts and cities, a regular line to the capital and a number of destinations abroad.

The town has an aqua park, restaurants offering traditional Bulgarian cuisine, fast food restaurants, pizzerias, cafes, bars, discos, bistros, snack bars and shops.

Attractions such as kite surfing, water skiing, water slides, surfing, scooters, jets, fishing, boating and yachting, beach volleyball, tennis courts and many more are just part of the fun for holidaymakers.

Primorsko has an interesting history and many artifacts that you can find in the History Museum of the city. Valchanovo kale and the Serpent House are just some of the attractions in Primorsko. Among the sights are the Begliktash area, where you can attend an interesting artistic rendition of an ancient Thracian ritual. Another landmark in Primorsko is the Lion's Head. It is magnificent and can be seen crossing the Ropotamo River after Arkutino. On the territory of Ropotamo Reserve there are many interesting and unique natural sites.

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Maslen nos

Primorsko is located on a peninsula, plunged into the Black Sea between the lagoon-Stamopolu Bay and the Devil's Bay, at the foot of the Strandzha Peaks.
The picturesque Cape of Maslen Nos, the Korakya Cape, the mouth of the Ropotamo River, the Devil's River, rock formations such as the Lion's Head and two spacious beaches with clear and fine sands are surrounded by picturesque dunes.

The Beaches in Primorsko

The coastal zone is characterized by rounded shapes. To the west of the town of Primorsko lies the Uzunzha Hill, which ends the third highest branch of the Strandja Mountain in this region. The relief of Primorsko is unique with its diversity and beauty.
Undoubtedly among its sights, its beaches, which have an area of 1,190,000 square meters of protected dunes and beaches, are particularly prominent.

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